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This website and the services herein are operated, administered, maintained and developed by XIERRA SPORT ENTERPRISE (“We”, “us” or “our”, as the case may be) and its third party vendors. Your access of this website and use of the services herein are governed by this Terms of Access including any amendments made thereto and any other additional operating policies which we, at our sole discretion, may impose from time to time (“Terms of Access”).

Further thereto, we also reserve the sole right and discretion to make any amendments to this Terms of Access from time to time. Your continued access of this website and/or use of the services herein subsequent to any such amendments made shall constitute your agreement and binding acceptance of the same.

Your Conduct

You agree that your access of this web site and use of the services herein shall at all times be in accordance with all legislation, laws and regulations governing the same and you shall not, at any time whatsoever, attempt or assist any other person to transmit any materials, data, communication and/or information (“Content”), through this web site or services herein, which is abusive, defamatory, infringes another person’s rights, constitutes a criminal offence or gives rise to civil liability, encourages racism, promotes hatred, contains pornography or pedophilia, contains any viruses or deleterious files and/or is otherwise objectionable to public morals and decency.

You also agree not to hack or attempt to gain unauthorised access into this web site and the services herein, disrupt the security of its resources, provide information, which is inaccurate or false, and/or otherwise abuse and misuse this web site and the services herein. If at any time you discover or suspect the occurrence of any of these activities, please notify us immediately.

Intellectual Property Rights

You hereby agree that the Content including any graphic, text, script, music, sound, photograph, image, art, video and other multimedia work or any combination thereof which is available on our web site and services is at all times protected by copyright, trade marks, service marks, patents and any other applicable intellectual property or proprietary rights, all of which are at all times owned exclusively by us or the relevant third party vendor, advertiser, affiliate or other third person, where applicable.

You agree that the Content may not otherwise be reproduced, copied, transmitted, published, performed, broadcast, adapted, stored, distributed, disseminated, communicated, displayed, licensed, modified, edited, censored, altered, hyperlinked or used in whole or in part in any manner whatsoever without our prior express consent or that of the relevant third party vendor, advertiser, affiliate or other third person, where applicable, to the same. Further thereto, you shall not insert a hyperlink on this web site or the services herein or “mirror” or frame the same or any portion thereof on any other web site(s) or servers.

All rights in this web site, the services herein and the Content which are not expressly granted to you under this Terms of Access or otherwise, are at all times expressly reserved by us or the relevant third party vendor, affiliate or other third person, where applicable.

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