7 Common Mistake We All Make With Our Modest Activewear

Sports activities can be a challenge for the modest ladies, especially in the attire department. In the past, they had difficulty working out outdoors due to the limited option of modest activewear.

But now that the market is more diverse, there is something for everyone – even the modest ladies! However, not many know how to choose and care for their activewear.

This article will point out the most common mistake we all make with our modest activewear.

7 Common Mistake We All Make With Our Modest Activewear

1) Wrong Fabric

The fabric of your activewear can make or break your workout attire. Some brands aren’t even considering the suitable ones for you. Though the product is designed and marketed to be for sports, that doesn’t mean each detail is being considered.

According to This Lady Blogs, you should avoid two fabrics for your workout session – standard polyester; as bacteria from your sweat sticks to the fibres which would lead to stinky clothes and plain cotton; as excess sweating leads to your attire becoming damp and uncomfortable for wear.

When looking into fabrics, stick to something moisture-wicking, light and airy to wear such as the XIERRA Modest Lexi.

2) Bigger Size

Many often mislook the sizing chart when it comes to picking out their modest activewear. The common misconception is; the bigger the better. Hence, they often choose a size that’s 3 to size higher.

Though modest fashion does prioritise loose garments, picking the wrong size can ruin your performance and comfort. Stick to the correct size instead.

3) No Function

Do you love pockets? We do! It’s easy, you don’t have to carry a bag or a purse during your sports activities; just put your keys, money and phone and you’re ready to go!

However, some workout attire are designed and made without prioritising functionality. Most of the time, you’ll find no pockets or worse; fake pockets!

If you want to have all of your essentials with you; opt for a top or pair of pants that have deep pockets.

4) Ignoring Accessories

Just like your everyday wear – the accessories play a vital role to your workout performance as well. We’re talking about sports bras, shoes, socks, hijab and even skirt extenders.

There are many things to consider; but the bottom line is – we tend to neglect these little things. Pick the ones designed and specifically made for sports activities as they would be able to help your performance and keep you comfortable.

5) Skip Washing

A good activewear is meant to absorb your sweat and keep you dry. However, that does not mean you should skip the regular washing and rewear it throughout the entire week!

You could compromise the quality and freshness of your activewear so we recommend washing (without using softener!) after a sweaty workout session to avoid sweat rash, body acne and removing all the unseen oils and bacterias on the fibre.

6) Wrong Brand

With how popular activewear is becoming, there are many fashion brands that released their own athleisure collection to cater to the demands.

However, most of these brands focus on the appearances – completely ignoring the details and other aspects to be considered. Not to mention the garments they created aren’t also modest friendly with see-through fabrics and fitted design.

That’s why we specifically recommend purchasing from brands that specifically focus on activewear only. These brands usually do a lot of research and consideration on each piece they put out.

7) Overlayering

Prioritising coverage, many modest ladies opt to layer multiple pieces in order to avoid any unwanted exposure during their activities.

However, this isn’t a good idea, especially in hot weather such as Malaysia. It’s suffocating and can warm your body, causing discomfort.

If you’re worried about coverage, opt for light and airy pieces when layering.

Among these mistakes, which one have you made? Don’t worry! There is no shame as we all have done so a few times.

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