Muslimah Jersey vs Regular Jersey : What’s Actually The Main Difference?

The modest activewear fashion industry has taken the market by storm, specifically in Malaysia. With new collections releasing throughout the year – the public are always waiting for what’s in store.

Among so many collections of activewear to choose – the Muslimah jersey is one of the popular choices. Of course, there are dozens of jerseys in the market but how does it differ? Let’s find out.

Muslimah Jersey vs Regular Jersey : What’s Actually The Main Difference?

1. Length

When compared to the average sports jersey; you’ll notice one major thing about the two – the length.

When compared side by side, the Muslimah jersey offers more coverage in the hip area where the shirt would cover the hip and thigh area.

For the regular jersey, a variety of length is available. Usually the common ones stop just around the hip area but you can even find crop style – a popular choice in the Western market.

2. Fit

Typically, the modest jersey focuses on loose cutting to maximise coverage and comfort. The regular jersey however is different.

If you’re looking for a wide option of fit, then a regular jersey just might be for you. Yes, they do have loose options as well but typically they are made to give a fitted look.

3. Sleeves

Coverage matters with modest shirts. The sleeves are designed to cover your entire arms. Typically, the length of the sleeves are quite long, ending at the wrist with minimal opening.

Now for a regular jersey, you would get a wide option of sleeves. Long, short, mid length, wide and sleeveless – the option is definitely endless.

4. Exclusivity

The Muslimah jersey is designed for the modest women in mind – hence, it cannot be worn for men.

The regular jersey however can be worn by all – to offer coverage, pair it with inner sleeves, cardigan or skirt extender. What you should add depends on the design and your preferences.

If you’re looking for a modest outfit to add to your collection, don’t skip the Muslimah jersey. It’s timeless, comfortable and versatile.

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