4 Key Things To Consider When Choosing The Appropriate Muslimah Activewear

The muslimah activewear collection offers modesty and versatility for the ladies. Within the market, you can find endless options to try.

However, not all muslimah activewear are made the same. Some unfortunately miss the mark and fail to give the wearer what they’re looking for.

If you’re on the hunt to find the perfect muslimah activewear, here are things to consider before buying.


The first priority should always focus on the coverage. Not all modest activewear is created equally.

As Muslims, it’s a must for the women to cover all areas and opt for loose cuts but some attire options focus on emphasising certain parts of our bodies, mainly the waist.

Hence before making the purchase, look through photos and reviews or if you’re buying from a physical store – try them on! Though this issue doesn’t pose a problem for certain people, it can for the modest wearer.

A woman wearing a red modest activewear, adorned with pink floral prints.

The Modest Sakura collection is part of XIERRA’s modest activewear line, offering coverage and has a Microfiber AirDry technology to quickly absorb moisture and leaving you dry.


Material is a struggle to get right, especially activewear tops. Different brands have certain fabric materials they are inclined to use.

Just because you’re wearing something full coverage, doesn’t mean your body has to be suffocated with heat and sweat. Find an activewear that’s made to quickly absorb your sweat, airy and gentle to the skin like the Xierra Modest Sakura.

Ideally, the brand you shop should be reputable and safe and harmful chemicals are present in activewear products according to FashionUnited. Look for products that have been certified safe and durable by independent certification bodies such as OEKO-TEX to ensure the quality and integrity of your purchase. (Psst did you know that Xierra is using OEKO-TEX & ISO certified resources? 🙂)

A woman wearing a hijab, a red maroon top with floral prints and a black pants with a pink background.

The Modest Sakura is the newest collection from Xierra, a leading modest activewear brand in Malaysia that offers ranges of modest clothing for women.


When choosing a muslimah activewear, many feel disappointed because of the outdated design and lack of options. Modest activewear options were often limited to loose-fitting, shapeless garments that were not designed for performance or style. This made it difficult for women to find activewear that met both their modesty standards and their desire for fashionable and functional athletic wear.

Whether you love basic or fully -featured activewear, XIERRA offers a range of muslimah activewear to suit your preferences! Check the latest collection for more options!

A close up on the sleeve of a red modest shirt, the word Xierra is printed.

Embroidered with XIERRA, the sleeves for the Modest Sakura collection offers coverage and width.


Though this doesn’t necessarily imply just muslimah activewear, it’s extremely crucial to check the quality of your attire to prevent any unwanted incident and maximise your performance.

Just because muslimah activewear is loose, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be durable. It should offer a decent amount of stretch to perform any activities and check the stitching for a clean and neat finish.

So there you go! Keep these four things in mind and you can definitely stretch your muslimah activewear for long term use.

It’s versatile, comfortable so don’t think it’s just for your sport activities! Every woman should own at least a trio in their wardrobe.

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